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Good food comes to those who wait

Because we slow-smoke our BBQ, you won't want to wait until the last minute to arrange for professional catering services. We kindly ask for a week's notice but strive to accommodate all requests.


Third Sheet Trays (3lbs) / $35
Half Sheet Trays (4lbs) / $45

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Slow Smoked Beef Brisket Chili - Sour Cream & Shredded Cheddar on the side

** Seasonal item

Smoke-Fried Jumbo Chicken Wings

Half Tray (3 Dozen) / $54

Dry Rubbed / BBQ / Spicy BBQ / Buffalo / Alabama White / Carolina Gold / Mango Habanero

Slow Smoked BBQ Chicken Skewers

Half Tray (3 Pounds) / $66

egg rolls

Egg Rolls

5 Rolls (10 pieces) $25
10 Rolls (20 pieces) $50

Smoked Buffalo Chicken - Buffalo Bleu Crema
Pulled Rib Mac & Cheese - BBQ Ranch
Smoked Brisket Cheesesteak - Smoked Queso Blanco



House Salad - Baby Field Greens / Cucumbers / Mixed Peppers / Tomatoes / Shredded Carrots / Seasoned Croutons - Choice of Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar

Classic Caesar Salad - Romaine / Parmesan Garlic Croutons / Shredded Parmesan / Caesar Dressing



Slow Smoked St. Louis Ribs:

Half Sheet Trays Can Accommodate 3-5lbs of Meat or 2 Racks of Ribs $30/Rack

Slow Smoked Angus Beef Short Ribs:

Market Price

Slow Smoked Angus Beef Brisket:


Slow Smoked Angus Beef Pastrami:


Slow Smoked Pulled Pork:


Slow Smoked Pulled Chicken:


Slow Smoked Texas Beef Sausage:


Beef Meatballs (BBQ or Sweet & Sour)


Honey Brined Slow Smoked Turkey Breast



Available in Third or Half Sheet Trays

3lbs/ $35    |    4lbs/ $45

Mac & Cheese

Parmesan Chive Mashed Potatoes

Smoked Baked Beans with Beef Brisket Burnt Ends

House Shredded Coleslaw

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli


House Bread & Butter Pepper Pickles

Pint $7.95 / Quart $15.95

House Pickled Red Onions

Pint $7.95 / Quart $15.95

12oz. Squeeze Bottle of Any Housemade Sauce


Honey Butter Cornbread

4 mini loaves / $6